Fans of Married At First Sight star Amanda Micallef have helped raise over $5000 for the personal trainer to fund her move from Melbourne to the Gold Coast, as she seeks to “start a brand new life.”

WATCH: Amanda Micallef’s emotional video to fans

On Thursday night, the 34-year-old started a GoFundMe page and asked fans for financial assistance so she can move interstate, away from the Victorian capital, which is currently under Stage 4 lockdown.

“I have decided it’s time to start a brand new life and move from Melbourne to the Gold Coast,” Amanda wrote on the page.

Amanda specifically asked for money to fund her flights and to pay for the mandatory hotel quarantine bill that is charged to anyone leaving Victoria, as they isolate for 14 days in a hotel.

This move won’t be cheap with flights for both myself and the cat which will need to be separated, hotel quarantine for me and pet hotel for [her cat] Smokey. Transporting my personal belongings along with my car across the borders and setting myself up in a new house, she explained.

“I would love your help to help me make this happen.”


Image: Channel Nine

The page has been live for less than 24 hours, but already Amanda’s fans have donated generously to her cause, with the page receiving more than $5000 in donations, so the reality star is more than halfway to achieving her total $10k fundraising goal.

While only 18 people have donated to Amandas cause so far, they have been extremely generous with their lump sum offerings. 

The payments from fans include one anonymous $3000 donation and multiple donations of $100, $200 and even $500.


Image: GoFundMe

But Amanda says she has received a huge amount of backlash after she asked for financial assistance, explaining in an emotional Instagram video, that she is “technically homeless” and struggling to make ends meet.

“What people don’t know is I’m actually technically homeless at the moment,” she said in the clip, before breaking down in tears.

“After a horrible housing situation, which no one knows about, I asked for help financially and I’m sorry because it seems as though I’m not allowed to and I’ve been slammed on social media.

“I’ve been sent all sorts of horrible DMs. The truth is, I’ve had a horrible year.

“Since leaving the show [MAFS], my business has gone down. I run four businesses,  I don’t take a f—k ing cent from any of them. I don’t get paid for the radio work … it’s voluntary.

I’m speechless, I’m gutted and I’m sorry I even bothered asking for help. I’m so hurt. Being a public figure is such a curse at times. You want us to be perfect.


Image: Instagram

But several people questioned Amanda’s claims, pointing out the fresh manicure, chic clothing and trendy gold accessories she sports in the video, which you can watch in the player above.

Homeless? With you nails done and that brand clothes aren’t cheap. Try doing it with 3 kids in tow and having NOTHING. Not $2 to rub together. Asking for help isn’t the shame here , it’s the fact that you are milking a bad situation that 10000’s of woman are a lot worse off and you are abusing your social stature. Wake up !!!! one person commented on Amandas video. 

Not buying it? Youre covered in gold chains and you have your nails done. I barely have money to do my nails. You have money to splash, girlfriend! another wrote. 

One person pointed out that many people are doing it tough right now, particularly in Victoria.

You’re literally asking everyone for money when everyone in Victoria is in the same situation, they wrote. 

Another person sympathised with Amanda, but argued she shouldnt expect fans to fund her lifestyle.

No one is asking you to be perfect ... it’s just ridiculous for anyone to ask their move to be funded.


Image: Instagram

Amanda starred on the 2020 season of Married At First Sight and was partnered with fellow bride Tash Herz, in the show’s first lesbian partnership.

The couple butted heads during their time together and quickly split early on in the series.