Man in black. Men in Black (1997)

Gordon became obsessed with getting photos of the objects, including one time where an entire school bus of students saw the UFOs flying over a shopping mall as Gordon took photos
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The film's unevenness in pacing isn't terribly prevalent, happening only here and there, yet often coming in at moments where it's absence is needed, thus a mere handful of moments go a long way in doing some damage to the final impact of the story, or at least in emphasizing the story's having only so much kick to begin with, because with all of its livliness and nifty spots, there is hardly anything to this minimalist plot, whose weight goes lessened even more by more focus on fluffly than substance
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Men in Black (1997)
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Eventually, Gordon snapped a few photos at extremely close range that allegedly verified they were not of this world Professor harassed in library for reading UFO book Professor Peter Rojcewicz claims that he was reading a UFO book in the library, when a strange pale man wearing all black sat down next to him
The man was wearing a black suit and black tie, and had very unusual facial appearances, with no hair or eyebrows, and an extremely pale figure However, strange things began happening to Gordon

He did not reveal this story until many years later, when he finally gave a lecture on the subject.

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I kept waiting for that one sequence in which a mothership touches down and releases the leader of Jones' Agent M character's race, Richard Nixon, who then proceeds to exchange with M the trademark symbol for the Nixonians, that two-finger wave thing
Men in Black (1997)
A friend of mine suggested this particular one, so I decided to give it a try
Men in Black (1997)
Ed Solomon's story structure has only so much in the way of subtlety to it and even less in the way of actual weight, being minimalist and predictable, and made aimless by too much focus on fluff, though it's not like the fluff is entirely a bad thing, because although Solomon's substance needs some more punch, punch-up within the style and fluff that drive this film really does hit, not exactly hard, to where missteps are obscured and a genuinely rewarding final product is crafted, yet just hard enough to deliver on many a snappy dialogue piece and colorful set piece, complete with humor whose effectiveness ranges from fairly chuckle worthy to fabulously clever and genuinely memorable