Learn all about Google Calculator... An easy way to perform conversions and calculations, right on the Google homepage!

A Calculator From Google?


Did you know the worlds number one search engine has found a new way to save you time?

Everyone knows about Google (Were guessing you used it to find online-calculator.com), but not everyone knows that built into the Google search box is a really simple to use – but advanced calculator and converter.

Instead of searching for a website that offers currency conversion –just enter the conversion you want directly into Google.

Right at the top – Google will show you the answer.

More than a Calculator, more than a Converter!


The best part about Google Calculator is its clever. It will usually work out what you are trying to do. So – 5 us dollars to uk pounds works just as well as the other example.

Currency conversion is not the only neat trick that Google have added...

Distances, Weight, Time, conversions, Simple Calculations, and even Scientific Calculations – are all now possible directly on the Google homepage.

So give it a try! You can read more about all the features Google offers here - https://www.google.co.uk/help/features.html

Why use Online Calculator :-)


Why would Online-Calculator.com tell you about a site offering the same service?

Because the features Google offers are for quick personal maths and queries. If someone sat at their pc wants to see 5feet to inches, its perfect.

If you want to share your calculations with a classroom of students, the full screen, bright colors, and easy to use interface puts online calculator at number 1.

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