This is us season 5. 'This Is Us' Creator Explains Kate's Finale Twist and Promises 'Rewarding' Final Season

None other than Phillip guest star Chris Geere , who hired Kate as a teacher's assistant after some initial hesitations Concerned for a missing Rebecca, Kate is unable to reach Kevin and calls Randall, who drives to the cabin, arriving after police escort Rebecca home
As Cassidy drives Nicky to the airport in the present, he reveals he hasn't flown since he left Vietnam and explains he hasn't told anyone else about his trip because he doesn't want to disappoint anyone if he's unable to go through with it Additionally, only had 16 episodes compared to the typical 18 that was the original plan

Jack acquiesces to Rebecca's decision to manage the family's finances.

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Apparently, creator Dan Fogelman has had the show's ending mapped out for some time
Watch This Is Us Season 5 Online
Now, the origins of that build are revealed
This Is Us Season Season 5 Ending & Flashforwards Setup Explained
Nicky tells her he's falling in love with her and it's implied she reciprocates
The discussion over coffee was awkward at first until Rebecca let go of some tears and reached out to spill her guts to Randall She gives him a chance to ask her out by mentioning she is driving out to see the moon that night, but he chickens out
Kevin makes plans for Nicky to spend time with the babies, and as he rambles, he notices Nicky seems anxious, so Kevin calls it a day Beth has an interview, but ends up canceling it

He tells the babies about the moon landing and how it showed that the impossible can become possible.

This Is Us Season Season 5 Ending & Flashforwards Setup Explained
He takes out a photograph of him and Jack with their arms around each other and looks at it
This Is Us: 10 Most Shocking Moments From The Season 5 Finale
In the present, Nicky fails to understand that Nick and Franny's baptism is a event
This Is Us finale explained—what happened in Season 5 Episode 16?
Nicky sees Jack enter, but neither enters nor approaches him
This appears to confirm a popular fan theory and a lot of foreshadowing on the writers' parts that Toby and Kate will break up While shadowing Randall at work, Malik is distracted by a call about Janelle and accidentally livestreams a partially undressed Randall preparing to exercise
In the present, Kevin and Madison have their bachelor and bachelorette parties In the episode's final group scene, Rebecca admitted to her kids that it's becoming more difficult to visualize Jack with them

This plotline was somewhat sidelined in This Is Us season 5 partly because the show had to make concessions to push through with production during the pandemic.

This Is Us finale explained—what happened in Season 5 Episode 16?
She meets his family and Jack is obviously happy for Nicky
This Is Us season 5: Is there an episode 17? How many episodes in total?
We've had it for a while," Fogelman teases
The Ending Of This Is Us Season 5 Explained
Rebecca's clinical trial is postponed