Singapore Exchange

Singapore Exchange

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) is an internationalized exchange offering trading and clearing, settlement and depository services and centralized clearing of financial and commodity products. SGX offers listing services to domestic and international companies seeking access to global capital. More than 40% of companies listed on SGX originate outside of Singapore.

Products traded on SGX include securities, such as stocks, ADRs, and ETFs, and fixed income products, including retail and wholesale bonds. SGXs securities market operates on the REACH platform, a trading environment powered by NASDAQ OMX’s REACH INET technology.

SGX also operates Asias largest offshore futures market, providing access to a broad range of derivative products, including options and futures on interest rates, equity indices and dividend indices. Commodity futures on rubber, energy and metals are also traded on the exchange.


Clearing for securities products listed for trading on SGX is provided by the Central Depository (CDP), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Singapore Exchange. Products cleared include shares, ETFs, REITs, Business Trusts, bonds, structured warrants and Extended Settlement contracts.

Singapore Exchange Derivatives Clearing (SGX-DC), also a wholly owned subsidiary of the exchange, provides clearing for products listed on Singapore Exchange Derivatives Trading (SGX-DT), OTC commodity trades registered via the SGX OTC Trade Registration Platform (TRS) and OTC financial derivatives trades registered via industry-used trade registration system. SGX’s clearing system is referred to as SGXClear.

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