Bin take away day

November 6, 2015 was Bin Take Away Day in Burr Ridge, when individual wastebaskets were removed from desks. Since then, staff have used centralised containers, where employees can either recycle items or dispose of general waste. The Burr Ridge Green Team collected 80 bins, which were donated to the Salvation Army and to the Garden Centre, which provides services for people with developmental disabilities. In addition to increasing the recycled content of Burr Ridges trash, the initiative has prevented over 19,000 plastic bags from going to landfill every year. 


College Station, TX

​Earth Day

On Earth Day 2015, the College Station team decided to operate with only half the lighting turned on.  The idea was to conserve energy, but staff discovered that it also created a calm and relaxed working atmosphere.  The idea was so successful it was brought back every Friday (known as Green Fridays). As part of this years Green Office Challenge, the team decided to extend the half-lighting policy to the entire work week, year round.

San Francisco, CA

Saving paper and energy

The San Francisco office both reduced its printing and took steps to conserve electricity in the office space. Employees were made more aware of importance of the conservation of electricity and now use natural light for the majority of the day. Posters placed strategically remind staff about good printing habits, cutting printing in half.


Seattle, WA​

Office recycling​

The team removed all trash cans in the entire office, except for one can in the kitchen area.  Miniature trash cans were given to employees to collect and empty their candy wrappers and miscellaneous waste at the end of the day.  Nearly all trash is recycled or put into the compost bin, and other waste is down to less than a half a garbage bin per day for the office.  The office also recently installed motion sensors for all offices and the kitchen space, reducing the use of electricity throughout the day when the space is unoccupied.  The building management team has also received an official LEED building certification.​

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