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  • 11/6/2017

    I just want to say the this is my favorite V-Stock by far!!! They are very helpful when you are looking for things and will help you whenever you cannot find what you are looking. I went in for a refund of my order that was scanned incorrectly. They realized the mistake and fixed it. The only thing I think on the refund the store should change is how the cashiers can speed up the process.

    I was reading the reviews on this store and came a crossed one from D S from Maryland Heights. About her comments about the employee who was trying to help her and the return she was going to have to do. Well I can tell you I was in line behind this horrible person. She failed to write in her review how she treated the girl behind the counter. Failed to tell everyone in her review that she was yelling at this girl and telling her how stupid she was. Calling her a circus freak. Guess her parents forgot to teach her manners on how to treat people who are in customer service and trying to help them. I am telling you this because all reviews you read have a story behind them and I just happen to be at the store and witnessed first hand the horrible treatment from this DS person and how upset she left the girl after she stormed out the store.

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    If you want large selection of games, dvds, cds, collectibles, etc at a reasonable price v-stock is not the place to go. Even with their sales it is hard to spend my money here. Used games are practically the same price as buying it new. I tried selling some games and Pokémon cards and I would have barely gotten anything for them. I would not recommend this place to anyone.



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    Great selection and good prices overall but just wished they closed their lower level after 8pm since the mall is closed. The security guards Harass you in the mall and ask you to leave. Dont go into the mall part after 8pm.

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    Employees break this place.  I walked in looking around to see what I might want to buy.  I didnt have a goal of getting something specific.  So I was in every section.   I grabbed a charger cord, looked at games, movies, snacks, and puzzles.  I grabbed a few things and then started to make my way back to the front.  I noticed the video game section and sonic on GameCube was up.  I walked over to pick up the controller and started to play.  This tall man walked over and said maam, we turned those TVs off for a reason SERIOUSLY!?  I looked at him and said, I didnt turn this on, it was already on.  He shook his head like I was lying and motioned me out of the store.  I put my things down and left.  

    I will never be back.

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    Amazing selection of used or new video games, blu-ray, DVDs, Cds, books, comics, used and new content in all products.  A huge store for nerds of any genre of anything!  This is the place to go.  Service staff is awesome.   Management sucks but whats new.  Just try not to interact with upper management and get outta there.

  • 2/8/2020

    I went in to trade in some games. I walked to the checkout line. There were two workers at the register, one customer in line. One worker was checking out the customer. The other worker was at a open register. I walked to his register. He ignored me as if I wasnt there and didnt see me. It was an awakened two minutes of silence.  He just kept looking around, as if I was in front of him waiting to be helped. He then walks off to the back to bother other customers. The other worker finished checking out the customer in-front of me. She then looks at me and asked was I checking out, I said yes...I was waiting at the register but the worker walked off without saying anything. She yells at the other worker and tells him to get back here. He walked back to the register and lied saying he didnt see me. I was in-front of him waiting to bed checked out, Hes now being obtuse. He begins to look at my games that I wanted to trade in. He begins to scan one game. Another customer gets in line behind me. He stop scanning games, remind you he only scanned one game so far. He quickly asked the customer behind me if he needed help and would like to check out now. He begins to check him out. I felt disrespected, and there was no doubt that he is a racist. As he was helping the customer check out, I asked for my games back, and left. Worst customer experience ever. Worst workers ever. After I left I went to Half-Price Books to trade in my games. They were all great to talk to, and I had wonderful experience shopping there. I will not spend any more of my time and money at V-Stock in Chersterfield, MO. They lost a loyal customer.

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    This by far the most inconsiderate, unkind and unorganized company in existence. They wouldnt allow me to trade because of a unknown reason. They were not apologetic and kept treating me, their customer, with content. I had to call their DISTRICT MANAGER just to get something done about it, and even then it took 3 tries to get what I wanted. Its no wonder that businesses like this are going out of business. I will need a HUGE apology from them if I am ever to buy form them ever again.

  • 1/10/2018

    Understaffed.  Unkind. Not worth going to.  Their selection of books is nothing to be excited about.  It would be much wiser to go down the street a little to Half Priced Books.  As for their game selection, very overpriced.  It would be a better experience to just buy the same things on Amazon for cheaper.

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    3/13/2016Updated review

    My absolute favorite store at the mall!  My grandson loves it!  The associates are so helpful and help you make a good choice.  The prices are wonderful.  Its a great thing to do with my grandson.  We always come away with a stack of books and a video game.

    6/29/2015Previous review

    This place is fantastic.  The staff is super friendly.  The prices are amazing.  I bought my grandson 3 books for under $10.  My 8 year old grandson could have spent all day in there.  The guy that helped us knew a ton about video games and really helped my grandson make a good choice.   I hate going to mall stores.  They are over priced and the people working at them are usually unprofessional.  Not V Stock!  It was a dream come true for me and my grandson.  We are going back tomorrow.  The kid is so happy and thinks Im the best!

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    Nice store - big, roomy, clean, and well-organized. Lots of interesting content. We stop by on trip to mall.

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