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Access to our archive

Get access to our archive of past trades since 2006.

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Get Saturday updates of our trades that our system will be sent to market on Monday.

Beat the market

Follow our trades and beat the market. Its simple like that.

Start Earning Today

Lets see example of one of our best years. By the way - S&P returned 19.42% for 2017!

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Calculate your potential profit following our trades.

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The projections and forecasts generated by this Calculator are hypothetical in nature, based on past results, and should not be regarded as indicative of actual or future investment results.

What we offer

Lets see what we offer. If this is what you expect from, we would be more than happy to welcome you on board.

  • We keep it simple! We do not offer overcomplicated market analysis.

  • We offer access to our system trades as theyre scheduled for next business day so you can easily follow it.

  • Since 2006 our system generated over 16% compbounded annual return.

  • Trade with amount you wish. Our minimum trading capital is $10,000.

  • Limited number of member subscriptions. The maximum number of members is set to 200. While we do not expect, system can move the market itself, limited number of members shold ensure that only small group of people has access to it.

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What we DO NOT offer

If youre expecting any of the below, please close this page now and look somewhere else to go broke.

  • We DO NOT sell get-rich-fast idea. You will not make a millon dollars in one month following our trades.

  • We DO NOT offer overcomplicated market analysis that can make you confused.

  • We DO NOT offer our system to make you trade on your own. Firstly, we need to keep some level of confidentiality. Secondly, we want to avoid any unnecessary losses incurred by wrong tweaking of the system parameters.

  • We DO NOT offer any trading advice, just access to our historical results and future trades that our system put on the market for next business day.

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