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Market Depth

Big titans at market trading have always said let the tape tell you the real truth.!  We can only tell you that from experience this is definately true.

Think of the market depth as your local auction yard. What do you see ? nothing but buyers/bidders and sellers/auctioneer. The market depth you see on different trading platforms is no difference. Investors buy/bid at a price they believe is fair for them and other investors sell/ask at a price they believe is fair for them.

We must admit reading the market depth can be difficult at first specially when you see lots of numbers increasing and decreasing. You can easily become confused but we hope we can explain what all these numbers are all about and how read where there is support and resistance via the Market Depth.

It is very easy to see via the market depth when there are more sellers than buyers and when this happens the price tends to weaken. The reverse is also true, when there are more buyers than sellers the price tends to gain strength. Sometimes prices can fall and go up so fast it is almost impossible to place your trade. We can only recommend that when you start trading you practice on a demo account first and get very fast at entering demo trades, to survive you must be fast with your fingers. Practice, practice, practice...

Ask any day trader what they use before they place a trade? A good 90% of them will say market depth.  If you are day trading and you place a trade without first looking at the market depth, it is like driving your car and forget to look at the traffic light. So please always view the market depth and know which direction the market depth is going. We will teach how to spot this..

Before we go further lets show you what a market depth looks like... please be aware that different trading platforms offer different feel and look. See the diagram below. Here is what TLS (Telstra) in Australia looked like at the end of the day.


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