Rachael Leigh Cook recalls death of co-star Paul Walker

Rachael Leigh Cook recently sat down for a chat and got candida bout the death of her fellow co-star Paul Walker.

The star addressed it all during her interview with Vanity Fair and was even quoted saying, “I remember how hard it hit me when I heard about Paul’s passing because you always think that there’s going to be — this is the corniest thing I’ve ever said — but you always think that there’s going to be time to reminisce with people about a time that was.”

She also added, “[He] was way more famous than I was at that point, she said of Lillard, who also joins her in the new Netflix remake, Hes All That. We were all lightly surprised that he took the role.”

“I wasn’t sure how I felt about wanting to be involved because it might seem like, am I trying to play the hits again well after the fact? Am I trying to set myself up in a position of being actively compared to my younger self?” Cook said. “That seems like a terrible idea.”

In the end, though, she decided to have no more regrets, and just jump in. “It’s still the main thing that when people walk up to me in the frozen food section and want to say hello, they usually want to talk about She’s All That.”

“So in that sense, it’s very special to me and it is kind of sacred. But ultimately I decided that rather than being asked how I felt about He’s All That for, plainly, the rest of my career, I would rather just be visibly supportive and forward-facing about my endorsement of the movie, as it were.”

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