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Palestinians already feel like the Jewish people robbed them of their homeland with their actions in the 1940s That is why the one-state resolution sees more play than the two-state option in many circles

COS opened its first store in Israel in Summer 2017 in the Fashion Mall in Tel Aviv.

Deputy COS: Israel Must Be Alert
There are five critical needs that Israel has in the formation of a two-state solution
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It seeks to pressure Israel by economic boycotts and threats of such to force it to make more retreats and concessions to weaken it militarily
COS of the U.S. Air Force Concludes Israel Visit
In the 36 months after the completion of that event, 60% of the evacuees were still not living in a permanent residence
Headphones with a Microphone You will be participating in video meetings for portions of your classes The international community prefers the idea of a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine
Modern wars are by their very nature campaigns on multiple fronts of differing channels and importance that are not limited to just the tally on the battlefield itself Currently there seems to be a vacuum in this regard, with most of the thinking left to very immediate tactical concerns at best, without a vision for a wider strategy including propaganda, diplomacy, realpolitik, and the key priorities for a better future and defence

A simple consideration of the facts, that Hamas still is in power, that it still has an ability to attack Israel may lead to this conclusion already.

Cost of Living in Israel. Prices in Israel. Updated Jul 2021
Those who supported this idea eventually came to hold the idea that this state should be in their historic homeland
Deputy COS: Israel Must Be Alert
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Deputy COS: Israel Must Be Alert
You could add Gaza into that mix to create a three-state solution
By moving to a two-nation settlement instead, you get to create a separate Israel and Palestine that can work independently to form a government that meets their needs During the course of his visit, General Welsh met with senior officers and defense personnel, including Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Benny Gantz
Eisin a former paid apologist for this ex felon, expounded her views to the Israeli public on an almost nightly basis on the main networks In the interim period there has been a constant war of attrition with Hamas sending rockets, UAVs and booby-trapped explosive balloons across the border injuring and sometimes killing civilians, burning fields and causing wider damage to infrastructure and the economy

There is also a desire of change from the Palestinian people because they are tired of being in the state of occupation.

COS of the U.S. Air Force Concludes Israel Visit
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Deputy COS: Israel Must Be Alert
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Because of this issue, especially with the history of Hamas to consider, Israel is just not willing to compromise in any way or to take a chance on reconciliation