Watch These 3 Chinese Electric Vehicle Companies for Regulatory Risks

Chinese EV makers fit the profile perfectly of companies subject to future data scrutiny by the Chinese Communist Party.


Lets Take Nio for a Spin and Drive Up to Cleveland-Cliffs

Here Ill preview a simple symmetry setup in NIO and a pullback setup in CLF -- just dont get too close to the edge.


NIOs Charts Are Touch and Go Right Now

Lets review the charts and indicators.


Oily Mess, Techs Go Wild, a Jobs Data Plea, the Power of Positive Yield

Plus, quick looks at Teslas car deliveries, Amazons CEO change and Didi Globals post-IPO downdraft.


How to Play Nios Recent Surge

The shares have roared back to near $50.


Heres Where I Ring the Register on Tesla

Lets see the firms delivery numbers and a reaction in the share price.


Shares of Nio Are Set to Rev Higher

A subtle divergence could be a tell that buyers of NIO are back in charge.


NIOs Skidding and Thats Got Me Wired Up

Heres a trade in this electric carmaker.


Heres the Key to Nio

Looks like the third time is a charm, and the charts have improved.


Nios Charts Suggest Further Declines Ahead

The level for the bulls to defend is the $35 area.


Canoo Stock Has Been in Breakout Mode All Week

Unlike many startup EV companies, GOEV anticipates revenue as high as $150 million in 2021.


Tesla Rocks Again, and Heres How to Play It

Tesla had a great month of February... in China.


The Meme Stock Carnage Wont Last Forever

Heres a trade in one of my favorites.


NIO Is Still Weakening, So Be Prepared to Act

NIO is showing weakness in the charts, so get ready to sell or have a sell stop in place.


Is NIO Running Out of Juice?

This EV names charts and indicators are making me nervous.


Here Are Sectors and Themes Promoted in Social Media

Whats most important about this market is understanding which themes are driving the action.


Debt-Laden Chinese Electric Car Company Shares Soar

Property developer China Evergrande has seen shares in its electric car unit skyrocket before it enters commercial production.


These 2 Crown Jewels of the Electric Vehicle Industry Remain Private

They are Rivian and Lucid, with Chanje close behind.


Jim Cramer: We Have to Wonder, Are We in Maniaville?

I want to help you get rich, but to get rich carefully. Prudence dictates taking something off the table.


Jim Cramer: We Keep Aiming Higher ... and Higher

Welcome to the world of the bull market, 2021-style, as Tesla and others just keep going higher.

NIO Inc. ADRs Cut to Neutral at Citi


Jim Cramer: Rebels With a Cause - Buyers of Tesla and NIO

I dont think I can recall a time when individuals bought stock in part because they are simply rooting for the company.


Good Excuses Exist for Corrective Action, but Bears Have Much to Prove

Overbought conditions and the chaos in Washington, D.C., are justifications for some selling, but traders are hesitant to relent.

An Old Man Writing About Games Traders Play - Blinded By a Sense of History

* SPACs and purchasing out of the money call options on popular stocks are two of the games young and old traders have mightily embraced in the last few months * It will end badly but we do not know the timing - however we can look for clues * Why m...


Jim Cramer: The Real Market and the Dream Market

What happens when the dream portion of the market collides with the real stock market?


Tracking Boeing and Pfizer for Buy Entry Points

Also, electric vehicle maker Nio Inc. already has triggered an entry point.


Top 5 Asian Tech Stocks for 2021

Look beyond the flagging Big Six tech companies with these Asia-based plays for next year.


Little Known Nano One May Hold the Key to EV Battery Technology

To invest in Nano One, you are buying the concept of a better mousetrap.

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